Wild Nourishment and the Essentials of Fortifying Our Bodies, Minds, Hearts and Spirits in Strange and Dangerous Times

As a long-time forager, trained herbalist and lover of all wild goodness I am a heartfelt believer in the power of wild food to be deep and nourishing medicine. The land we find ourselves on has its own rhythms and medicine for renewal. As we find ourselves moving through physical difficulties, terminal diagnosis and grief, the wise allies we find in wild plants and wild water offer the kind of deep nourishment that support healing, transformation and radical self-care.

Wild nourishment challenges our cultural habit of throwing medicine at the problem by inviting us to bring our attention back to the practice of wholeness through connection with nature. Our experiences of food and medicine are often sorely lacking in the flavors and nutrients that only a wild landscape can provide. Animals by heart, our bodies and spirits are weakened by the lack of direct contact with the feast of nature.

Wild nourishment is not a magic pill. It is the development and tending of a relationship to the landscape and the plant allies we find there. This relationship is rooted in reverence, observation and direct contact and is available to anyone who shows up.

Wild nourishment occurs at all levels, in our bodies, hearts and souls and ranges from the practical act of feeding ourselves to the meditative practice of tuning in to the essence and poetry of nature. Wild nourishment might include foraging wild greens and berries for eating, drinking wild water (filtered), making flower essences, fermenting, tinctures, salves, teas and wines. A vital aspect of wild nourishment is in developing and refining our instincts as well as trusting and respecting the potency of nature’s offerings.

I include opportunities for wild nourishment of all kinds as part of my work as a threshold companion, death doula and grief tender. I am also available for classes and private consultation for anyone interested in developing or deepening their relationship to wild nourishment as well as instruction in specific techniques for creating delicious, holy and deep medicine.

I can be reached at fyrdundelsparlour@gmail.com


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