death doula

Death Doulas accompany and support those who are facing death or the death of a loved one. We recognize that dying is a profound and personal experience and that it matters, to the dying person and to their loved ones, how this threshold is approached. We help in holding the space for this crossing.

I trust the dying process and I trust each individual to know or find what is true for them about dying. Reverent and honest tending to the dying process honors death as much more than a medical event. It helps us to find and ground its meaning in our lives.

I offer a variety of services to the dying, their caregivers and loved ones.

  • Emotional and Spiritual Support

  • Processing Terminal Diagnosis

  • Vigil

  • Ceremony, Prayer and Guided Meditations

  • Cultivating Relationship with the Sacred Unknown

  • Deep Nourishment & Self-Care

  • Healing Touch

  • Legacy Work

  • Community Resources & Respite Care

  • Living Wakes

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